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Check out some free video previews of my favorite scenes... You can stream all of my movies directly to your PC, Mac, Android, or iDevice so you can enjoy them anywhere, anytime, in the highest quality, all without having to wait for them to download! And as an added bonus I also have around 200 Screen Snaps of each movie as well as my usual High Quality Picture Stills. I also take requests for scenes so if you have a dirty little fantasy that you want to see me fulfill then don't waist any time, just JOIN NOW and lets start having some seriously naughty fun. xoxo Katie Kox
Starring: Alexis Golden, ­''­""
35 Mins
"Doing cam shows is one of my favorite things to do for my fans, because I get to do all kinds of fun stuff for them. I was getting pretty horny doing webcam shows when I came across a fan online named Richard Mann who wanted to meet me. When we chatted online, I saw his big black cock and naturally I asked this him over to have some fun. He fucked the shit out of me with his huge 12"" cock. Of course, I also wanted to see how much of my mouth I could get around it. ;)" - Katie Kox
Starring: Alexis Golden, Jon Jon
24 Mins
"I'm so mad at my husband! He always thinks I'm going to cheat on him with my friends and gets so jealous when I hang out with the boys. When I went over to see my buddy Jon Jon I told him about the fight me and hubby just had and luckily Jon Jon and his friends were more than understanding. These four fine black stallions knew exactly how to turn my frown upside down. They took there turns tag teaming me until they all blew their loads over my tits and face. I don't know why my husband worries." - Katie Kox
Starring: Alexis Golden, Flash Brown
20 Mins
"I've been a very naughty girl this year but luckily black Santa is giving me one more chance to show him what a good little ho ho ho I can be. So of course I'm only to happy to help Santa with emptying his sack of joy. He even gave me a little spanking to show I've been really bad. Watch me spread Christmas cheer and my stockinged legs for Santa's north pole as he unloads his magical holiday snow over my snatch and gives me want I want! Merry Christmas everyone!" - Katie Kox
Starring: Alexis Golden, ..└»..└»..└»..└»..└»..└»..└»..└»etc/passwd
32 Mins
"I was minding my own business, just doing some housework while my husband was out when my hot black neighbor came over to complain about some stupid hedges. I'd never met any of our neighbors before, so when he came in, I was immediately horny. I had no idea he was so fine, but seeing as my hubby was at work I did what any hotwife would do and sucked and fucked him bareback just dressed in my pink stockings and black heels. I even let him creampie my pussy ;)" - Katie Kox
Starring: Alexis Golden, WEB-INF\web.xml
23 Mins
"Hotwife slut Barbi Sinclair has invited me over for a gangbang. I'm always horny for a gangbang! But there's only one problem... they take so long and we get so fucking horny waiting for them to show up that we end up fucking each other with a double ended dildo. Watch us slide up and down this rubber pole as we rub our stockinged legs against each other. These guys don't know what they were missing! I love it when us hotwives take fucking matters into our own hands and make each other cum." - Katie Kox
Starring: Alexis Golden
28 Mins
"I recently had some time to kill in LA while I was out there alone. So I went over to my friend Kelly Divine's house to pay her a visit. She wasn't home but her friend Prince was there hanging out and let me in to wait for Kelly to get back. This was the first time I had met Prince and he looked fine! So while we were waiting for Kelly we had to do something to pass the time ;) I gave him a nice blowjob and he showed me how good of a friend he was." - Katie Kox
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